Control of Well Program

Endorsed by the Texas Alliance Energy Producers, One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC offers a Control of Well Program that offers a 10% Alliance premium discount, fast turnaround, flexible options and limits and expert individuals experienced in the Oil & Gas Industry.

As the industry shifts to unconventional drilling and unconventional well completion, we begin to see the following effects on Well Control Risk:

  • Increase in blowouts during well completions
  • Increase in blowouts involving communication between wells
  • Increase in blowouts caused by casing/cementing failure
  • Increase in blowouts caused by surface events
  • Increase in blowouts involving production wells
  • Increase in blowouts involving plugged and abandoned wells

Key risks arising from blowouts include:

  • Extinguish any fire from well that is out of control
  • Expenses incurred in bringing the well under control
  • Re-drill and extra expenses incurred to restore the well
  • Pollution & clean-up expenses
  • Evacuation
  • Underground blowout
  • Third party equipment
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