PEO / ASO Services

About PEO/ASO Services

Without any doubt, you've noticed the changing needs of your clients. Business owners today seek an integrated approach to the services they receive from their agency partner; and ignoring this trend may provide an opening for others to intrude upon the relationships you’ve worked so hard to maintain.  

ADP and Paychex now own insurance agencies; and are actively marketing P&C and Health products in every market in the country. Last year alone, they wrote 35,000 workers’ compensation policies! With that, if your customers outsource their payroll function; chances are they are being solicited to consider a move away from you.​

One Star is here to help.​

Packaged in a convenient, easy-to-navigate platform in the cloud, and accessible any-time, via any-device - One Star gives you everything you need to compete directly with ADP & Paychex; and deliver industry-leading payroll, human resources and more to your clients.


Program Features For Your Agency

• Retention of Agent of Record status
• Fully-Vetted solution provider
• Optional white-label branding
• Lucrative, residual compensation structure
• Quarterly production bonuses / giveaways
• Broad acceptance of responsible risk profiles
• No volume requirements
• Easy-to-use online submission portal
• High proposal-to-client closing ratio

Program Features For Your Clients

• All-In-One HR Technology Platform
• Payroll & Tax Administration
• Labor Management / Time & Attendance
• Human Resources & Compliance
• Employee Benefits & Benefit Administration
• Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation Ins.
• Safety & Risk Management


Program Results For Your Agency

• Increases client profitability​
• Places your agency on a level play field with ADP & Paychex as a true single-source solution
• Keeps other competitors at bay
• Further positions your producers as trusted advisors
• Reduces agency time & expenses
• Improves client retention

Program Results For Your Clients

• Provides peace of mind
• Increases productivity
• Increase profitabilty
• Improves focus
• Contains operating expenses
• Reduces liablities & business risks
• Reduces vulnerability to key employee turnover

Understanding PEO vs. ASO Differences.

Understanding PEO vs. ASO Differences. Although your clients can choose which model (and related services) make the most sense for them - the following table compares the primary differences between our PEO (co-employment) and ASO (traditional employment) options:

Employer or Record Status
Acts as Employer of Record. Employer taxes reported and deposited under PEO's FEIN & State ID (where applicable)
ASO Model
Client acts as Employer or Record. Employer taxes reported and deposited by ASO under the client's FEIN & State ID
Employer Relationship
ASO Model
Sole Employer
HR & Compliance
Majority of HR & Regulatory Compliance services are included.
ASO Model
HR services offered either "a la carte" or included in pricing.
Workers' Compensation Ins.
Coverage provided under PEO's master policy on a pay-as-you-go basis, or can be sourced by your agency.
ASO Model
Coverage provided under client policy sourced by your agency.
Safety & Risk Management
Safety programs and compliance provided by PEO and included in service fees.
ASO Model
Safety programs/compliance are provided on a "al la carte" basic.
Employee Benefits
Coverage offered under PEO's master polices as available, or can be sourced by your agency.
ASO Model
Coverage provided by policies sourced by your agency.
Benefits Administration
PEO is responsible for compliance, administration, testing, etc, on all PEO sponsored plans and any agreed upon plans sourced by your agency.
ASO Model
ASO is typically responsible for compliance, administration, testing, etc., on all client sponsored plans.
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