March 13, 2019

67% of business owners want Payroll & HR Services, are you offering it to your client?

The Problem: 

Without any doubt, you've noticed the changing needs of your clients. Business owners today seek an integrated approach to the services they receive from their agency partner; and ignoring this trend may provide an opening for others to intrude upon the relationships you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

As an example - ADP and Paychex now own insurance agencies; and are actively marketing P&C and Health products in every market in the country. Last year alone, they wrote 35,000 workers’ compensation policies! With that, if your customers outsource their payroll function; chances are they are being solicited to consider a move away from you. 

Today's research indicates that 2/3 businesses would consider using a PEO and that is growing every year.
Our Solution: 
We can help you offer these resources to your clients before PEO marketers are knocking on their door. With our business model, you can team up with us and earn PEO commissions while also retaining your WC Policy and it’s commissions.
Give this a chance with two easy options for submitting your clients that have more than $300,000 annual payroll for a proposal.

  1. You can submit through our website just click Quick Submission.
  2. We can submit for you, please send the completed WC Acord 130 & 125 to PEO Submissions


Your client is entered into the system and the agent will receive the PEO Proposal within 48 hours. Present the proposal to your client and they can join the program with the agent they are already doing business with. It is that simple and may result in new business from a current client. 


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