July 25, 2018

Excess Expansion

Since 2009, One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC in Wichita Falls, Texas has offered an outstanding excess liability program for BITCO oil & gas insureds referred to you by BITCO branch managers and underwriters. This program is pure follow-form excess of BITCO’s primary coverage with limits up to $10MM. Additionally, this program is follow-form over the BITCO Stand-Alone Claims Made Pollution form and picks up to the BITCO retro date. This feature gives our BITCO agents a superior Pollution offering for oil and gas insureds.

NOW, One Star is expanding their excess liability availability over ANY BITCO primary umbrella of at least $1MM and no longer limited to just oil & gas but any BITCO program insured. With this proven market offering for our oil & gas insureds, we encourage you to consider One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC as a primary source for your excess liability needs for any BITCO insured.

For more information on all the offerings from One Star please see their website, www.1starins.com

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