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One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC

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One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC is a dba of CertEssentials, LLC; a Managing General Agent located in Wichita Falls, Texas.  One Star develops and manages insurance programs for trade groups in the state, such as the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, the Texas Propane Gas Association and the Trade Contractors Safety & Insurance Group, LLC.

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One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC

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We may be few but we are mighty! We work closely together everyday to ensure every insured, agent, broker and carrier are 100% satisfied with our service and products.

Stephanie Taylor


Stephanie has been with One Star since 2010, she maintains all compliance regulations as well as oversight of all programs.

Curtis Heptner

Managing Member

Curtis has been with One Star since 2005, for many years he managed all programs on his own but he now oversees all aspects of the business as well as development of new programs.

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